About two weeks ago I stumbled upon a hashtag over on Instagram that said #shereadstruth from a blogger that I recently began to follow (naptimediares.com). I was intrigued by it, so I did a little further study and found that it was a group of women online, who live all over the country, having quiet times in the same book of the Bible with a little devotional thought to be challenged and encouraged with throughout the rest of the day. The book they were starting to study was Ephesians and ironically enough, that is what Revolution (www.tucsonrevolution.com) is going through this Fall! I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to join up on my YouVersion app, on my Kindle, for 17 days and read along with them. I’m so thankful I did!

The short study each morning has been helpful to keep me focused and diligent on spending time in the Word & in prayer, but it has also opened up a whole new world of ways to connect with people online. It’s been a blessing to see other women’s thoughts on their quiet time and how they have applied that to their lives as wives, moms, friends, etc. Here’s my thought from today as I read from Ephesians 6:1-4:

As I was reading this morning and reflecting on how I can take this to heart today, I read from the ESV study bible notes and it said that “obedience is evidence that you know God”. I may not have children to train up to obey God & his/her parents, but I am called to obey God, my Heavenly Father. The only way that my heart can truly obey God is if I am daily communing with Him and if I deeply know His heart and His desires so that I can live a life of joyful obedience. I may just put this thought in my future parenting idea book! If my future children don’t know the greatness of God’s love & also don’t know my heart, how will they know how to obey God or myself? My prayer is that I will always be seeking God & growing closer and closer to His heart and out of that I live a life of obedience.

So, if you’re a woman & you feel like you are needing a little help to keep up a consistent quiet time, maybe this is the answer! Go on over to shereadstruth.com to check it out! Shameless plug…I know šŸ™‚