“So, there’s this guy…” Part Two

I don’t remember how many days had passed after that day at the store, but one sunny afternoon I was training on the Cedar River trails for my marathon. I had passed Scott, the running store-owner, on the trail and did the runner appropriate wave and continued as he moved on at his gazelle-like pace (professional runner). It was only minutes later that I hear what sounded like a heavy-footed sprinter fast approaching so I moved over and when I turned my head-it was Scott! He was running me down!

He had decided that this would be a proper time to ask me about my initial thoughts of “Woody” and if I’d consider going on a date with him. (On a side note-he thought he had slowed down enough to be running my pace, but after 1.5 miles of his “slow” pace, I about passed out!) I told him that I thought he seemed like a good guy, but I only had five minutes of conversation with him. I wanted to know from Scott what would make him dateable and not some creepy stalker. I trusted Scott’s opinion because I knew him to be a committed follower of Jesus and that he would have my best interest in mind.

Scott proceeded to run with me telling me all about Jason (I finally learned his real name). He shared with me about how Jason loved people, was computer smart, was “green”, was funny, etc. When Scott told me that Jason was the kind of guy you could share any of your problems with and know that he would pray for you and help you through them, I knew that I could go out on a date. So I told Scott that if Jason asked me on a date, I would say yes. But only for coffee…I didn’t have time to eat a full dinner on a blind date J.

Scott told me that he would encourage Jason to get in touch with me via Facebook, but it might be a little bit. Jason was in Madison taking classes on solar energy installation (because he’s green). I hesitated that our first connection would be on Facebook, but I didn’t fight it… (I should have)

About a two days had passed and Jason had “friended” me on the good ol’ Facebook.  And then it was nothing…for two whole weeks…

I had figured that he decided that he didn’t really want to take me out for coffee, so I didn’t worry about it too much. I was way too busy working, leading a Perspectives class, and raising my support so I could go on staff with The Navigators to add another stressor in my life!

After two weeks passed, I was training Ron on a Thursday afternoon (the husband of my 5 am client who first told me of Jason). I mentioned to Ron that I hadn’t heard from Jason at all and was curious as to why. Ron said that he would look into it.

On Monday, I was at the gym waiting for my next client, so of course I was on Facebook. It was then the little red dot appeared on my page, indicating that I had a new message. It was Jason asking if I’d like to go to coffee with him!  As any girl would do, I squealed and told the closest girl that I had just been asked out! After I calmed myself, I gave him a few days and times that worked that week. Within the hour, we had decided on coffee at Cup of Joe on Wednesday night at 7 pm.

I had two days until April 28th. I also had no idea how much my life would change after that date…

The spot of our first date!

The spot of our first date!

To be continued…

“So, there’s this guy…”

coffee engagement

Next Sunday will be the third anniversary of my first date with Jason. I look back onto that Wednesday night three years ago and I can’t believe all that has changed! Who knew how one blind date could change the course of one’s entire life.

I remember that night so clearly. I also recall the youthful events that led up to that coffee date at Cup of Joes with a smile. If you haven’t heard our story, lean in and be ready to roll your eyes at the high school antics. If you have heard our story, sorry…not sorry 🙂

It was mid-March of 2010 and I was working as a personal trainer and also fundraising to go on staff with a college ministry. I had no desire to pursue a relationship with anyone because I had a plan. I was going to go on staff with The Navigators at the University of Northern Iowa for two years and then head overseas. I had plans of spending the rest of my life in the Middle East. It was there, in the Middle East, where I would fall madly in love with a missionary and live happily ever after with him, serving and loving on a people group that had never heard of Jesus.

Unbeknownst to me, one personal training session would wreck those dreams… I was training one of my lovely ladies at 5 am when she approached me with an odd question…more like a statement. “There’s this new guy at Scott’s shop that wants to take you out for coffee.” I’m sorry what?? Hundreds of questions came to mind, but she wouldn’t answer any of them. She just directed me to Scott (local owner of a running shop).  I was skeptical, but still curious as to how this guy found out about me and why he would want to meet me.

The next day, I needed to buy some new shoes and I thought it would also be a good excuse to stop by Scott’s shop to see what this was all about. When I stepped in the small, quaint shop I stopped in my tracks and blood rushed to my face. There was a new guy working the shop. I knew all of the employees at The Runner’s Flat, so I instantly knew that this was “Woody” (my client only knew him by his classy nickname).

Instantly I knew that I could either be really awkward or play it cool. I chose to play it cool and repeated to myself the entire time “Don’t be weird. Just breathe. Don’t be awkward, Sarah.” Thankfully, it worked. I introduced myself to him and proceeded to buy a pair of shoes. I didn’t get a chance to chat with Scott, but I did walk out of the shop with a new pair of shoes and the thought that “Woody” wasn’t quite as weird as I first thought….

Stayed tuned next week as I share about how I was run down on the trails, had mixed messages on Facebook and ultimately had our date that changed our lives forever!

The spot of our first coffee date!

The spot of our first coffee date!