Do You Like Bags? Do You Want to Help Bring Home Our Girls? {I Have Your Solution!}

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I’ve heard of the direct sales company, Thirty-One, for quite some time now. My mom LOVES their product (along with all of her teacher friends) and she would buy me product for Christmas, my birthday, or just because. I currently have a purse, a weekend bag, a utility tote, and TONS of stationary. I always enjoyed the product, but I became a believer after this Christmas when mom bought me a weekender bag. I’ve used that bag for every flight that I’ve taken since and it always fits in the overhead compartment with no problem, even though I stuff that thing to the max (and it hasn’t even shown a sign of wear or tear). And I love that I can personalize each bag I have with my name, initials, or a fun phrase! I know that many of my friends also use their product for diaper bags or toy organizers.

My Retro Metro Weekender Bag (even has a cool name)

My Retro Metro Weekender Bag (even has a cool name)

A few months ago, I was perusing the internet for  fundraisers Jason and I could do for our adoption. You can read about our story here and here. I came across a massive list of fundraising ideas and on that list a woman (Anne Little) was mentioned who is a Thirty-One consultant, but sends all of the proceeds she makes for her parties to adoptive families. Knowing how much my family and friends back home love Thirty-One products and knowing that it would be an easy way for them to get involved in bringing home our girls, I emailed Anne. We scheduled a 20 day Thirty-One party in June where all of the proceeds will go to bringing home Baby G & Baby M!

This Inside-Out Bag is super cute!

This Inside-Out Bag is super cute!

Our shop opened this past Saturday, on June 1st and will continue until June 19th. To shop go to this link, click “My Parties” and shop under “Wood Family Adoption Fundraiser”. The June special this month for Thirty-One is for every $35 spent, you can purchase a utility tote for $10!!!

A super fun color for the summer trips to the pool and beach! {there are lots of other print choices too if you don't like this one}

A super fun color for the summer trips to the pool and beach! {there are lots of other print choices too if you don’t like this one}

My goal is that in the next 14 days, we will raise $1250 for our adoption. Which means that $5000 of product will need to be sold! Would you consider shopping at Thirty-One, sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter, and praying for us and our little girls as we continue to raise funds to bring them home?

Thanks so much!! Happy Shopping!

{one more thing}

If you live in Tucson…stop by my house this Saturday (June 8th) from 1-3pm to eat some yummy food, order Thirty-One product, and hear more about our adoption story…you’d also get to see some cute pictures! 🙂 Email me at if you’d like to hang out!

Our Huge Rummage Sale…


Our GINORMOUS, HUGE rummage sale is this weekend! To say that we are a little overwhelmed is an understatement! Our house has been overrun by clothes, toys, books, household items, baby stuff, furniture (we have a futon, baby bassinet, oversized chair and bike in our living room), and everything else you can think of! We are SO thankful though! The donations that we have received have blown us away! Our community is so generous to us and we are forever grateful for the items they donated and the time they are putting in to help make this Saturday happen!

Here is what our house looks like and it’s getting fuller by the hour!! Please come!!



If you live in Tucson-head on down to Fellowship Bible Church anytime between 9am and 4pm. We would love to see you and for you to share in our adoption journey! I’m sure that you will find something you’d want to take home with you! Here are the details a little more succinctly:

Where: Fellowship Bible Church (6700 E. Broadway Blvd.)

When: 9 am-4 pm (or until most everything is gone!)

If you don’t live in Tucson-pray for our rummage sale! We are not only wanting to raise funds for our adoption, but also raise awareness of God’s heart for adoption. We hope that everyone that wanders in to our sale will leave feeling encouraged!

We will also be kicking off our puzzle fundraiser at the rummage sale! We bought a 1000 piece puzzle with a picture on it that will be hung up in our children’s room as a reminder of those that have helped “piece our family together”. Each piece of the puzzle is $5 and we will write your name on the back of the piece. The frame we will put the puzzle in will be double-sided so we can show our little kiddos all of your names.

africa adoption--pink-puzzle

We’d love to see you there!

Wood Family Online Fundraiser

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For the next 6 and a half weeks, Jason and I are working on reaching our goal of raising $5,000 for our next step in completing our adoption. First and foremost, we covet your prayers! If you do have the ability or feel called to give, you have two options: you can donate online by clicking the link below to take you to our online fundraising website or if you would like to give directly to us, email me at and I will send you our mailing address.

Thanks so much for being a part of our journey! We are all called to care for the orphan and the widow in some way (James 1:27), some may take this calling by adopting children. Others may help by giving to those who are adopting (there are a million other ways to be apart of this call too, these are just two options)

Wood Family Online Adoption Fundraiser