do you want to follow our story?

I receive many questions about how our adoption process is going and often times I tell them that they can follow us on my blog. Here on my little space, I share my heart of what God is doing as we wait to bring home our sweet  babies G & M. I also share details of our adoption that I am allowed to share (our agency has a policy that I cannot share the country’s name and a few other details regarding our adoption process and I do  my best to abide by that).

This little blog also points you to where you can partner with us in bringing home our baby girls. I keep an updated list of adoption fundraisers we are a part of in the “How You Can Help” or you can give a tax-deductible gift online by clicking on “Donate Now”.

If you are interested in following our story as we journey to bring home our girls and the days that follow, you can subscribe to my blog!

“How do you do that”, you ask? Great question!


Up on the right hand side there is a button that says “Follow My Blog”. If you click on “sign me up” and enter your email address, you will get my posts sent directly to your inbox every morning (or afternoon) I post something. I try to post 3 times a week, so as not to overload your box.

My hope is that you not only have a chance to follow our adoption story, but that God would use my words to be an encouragement to you as you go about living the life God has called you to live. I have been praying that this little space would develop into a community for women to grow in their faith (where ever you may be at this point) and be challenged to live life with a mission and a purpose that is greater than ourselves.

I’m so excited for the days ahead! There will be lots of face uplifts in the near future (all thanks to my husband).

Thanks in advance for following my story!