I’m Diving In!!

Do you every have that feeling of excitement, but also a sense of “what did I just sign myself up for”? I’ve been experiencing that over the past 24 hours.

Yesterday I took the plunge and signed up to be a Thirty-One consultant! If you remember, a little over a month ago I held a Thirty-One fundraising party and it went VERY well (thanks again to all you purchased products!). Prior to that I had been praying and deliberating about joining their team. I wanted to find a way that I could help our family raise funds for our adoption, but not take away time spent with Jason and serving our church family.

31 logo

I love the Thirty-One product and I love that they are a company that values faith, family, and service.

But I am SO nervous about starting something like this. I’m not the type of person who likes to ask people to host parties and I don’t want to be that girl that people run away from because either she’s going to ask about buying Thirty-One or donating to their adoption fund (I’m already that girl…who am I kidding).

My hope for this new endeavor is that it will be a fun outlet for me to meet new people and to stretch my skills of sales without pressuring others into buying products. I also hope that God will bless it and help provide the much-needed funds to bring home our baby girls. 100% of the profit that I make at each party will go towards our adoption fund!

So here’s my ask from you, my readers…would you consider hosting a party (online or house party) in the following months? I hosted a party in June and it was super easy and fun to get together with people to eat food and look through the countless options of bags and totes, etc. As the hostess, you also can receive great rewards based on the amount of product you sell. I received some pretty awesome stuff last month! Hosting is also a great way to partner with us in our adoption even if you, personally, cannot give financially.

If you’re interested in hosting either an online party or a house party, please shoot me an email at sarah.amelia.wood@gmail.com. You don’t have to live in my area to do it either. I’m still learning the ropes on how long distance parties go, but I know it can be done because I did it last month!

You can checkout my website here https://www.mythirtyone.com/sarahwood/ if you would like to get a head start and purchase some fun product of your own! From now until the end of the month when you spend $31, you get 31% off any item!

If you think of me in the coming weeks, please keep me in your prayers as I transition to having a new “job”. I’m excited, but like I said…so nervous!


CrAzY week at the Wood House!

I feel like this week has just flown by and I’m barely catching my breath! I don’t even know where to start with all of the things that happened over this week!


Here are a few highlights from the week:

  • Renovated our bathroom last weekend (still working on the finishing touches, but love it!)
  • Submitted our first payment to our agency!
  • Submitted our paperwork for our home study!
  • Scheduled all of our home study visits in February (with hopes to be certified to adopt by mid-March)
  • Paid for our home study!!
  • Took Nora to the vet for her annual check up, which is always an adventure!
  • Attended a friend’s vocal performance for her doctorate (fantastic!)
  • Finally had long time friends over to OUR home for dinner (rather than theirs)
  • Baby-sat some adorable children
  • Spent time with some girlfriends
  • Went on a beautiful morning hike
  • Had an amazing night of fellowship with our MC family
  • Checked off ALL 5 steps of our first stage in bringing home our little ones! Tuesday I should have all of it mailed off!
  • Spent Friday getting passport photos, blood tests, chest x-rays, and a physical-all thanks to one of my old clients from work who is a doctor and fit us in!



That last highlight could have easily been one of the most stressful points of the week for me as I was making phone calls to different doctor’s offices looking for SOMEONE to get us in for a simple physical. No one was taking new clients at this time and wouldn’t have been able to get us in till March or April at the earliest! Thankfully Jason reminded me that I had friends in high places and so I pulled in a favor. Sure enough my old client got us in this morning without a problem.


We got news yesterday that our wait time for our kids to come home may lengthen a little bit. Initially it was sad, but the reason they are slowing down the process is because of how many people are adopting from the country which is such a great thing! As we were going to all of our random appointments today, it was a reminder for me that we are making time and making sacrifices for our children to be in our laps. Today I’m so thankful that we are making small steps to bringing home our little ones, whenever that may be!


This weekend, Jason and I are helping out at our student ministry’s retreat weekend. We are tired from an emotional week, but we know that God has been moving in the hearts of our students and are excited to be a part of what the students will be learning! Pray for energy for the small group leaders and soft hearts for our students!

And my new favorite chocolate dessert (just for fun):


I hope you all have a wonderful, restful weekend! Enjoy the Super Bowl (Super Baugh?!)

Merry Christmas from the Wood’s


The Top 12 Hits of 2012 for the Wood’s

1. In February we took our first big financial step as a couple and bought a house! We purchased a three bedroom, ranch style fixer-upper. We have spent the past year painting, reflooring, and making lists of all the other things we want to work on! Maybe next year we will remodel the kitchen…maybe!

2. In April we took a weekend getaway to the White Mountains with Nora & another couple from our church. It was a great weekend of hiking and enjoying the beautiful cool mountain air.

3. We enjoyed a trip of a lifetime to the other side of the world in June! We went on our belated, but much anticipated two-week honeymoon to New Zealand and the Cook Islands (Jason surprised Sarah with the island portion). It was beautiful!

4. During the first half of the year, Jason & I prepared to become Missional Community leaders in our church. After lots of reading, writing and an assessment we were vetted to become leaders in July!

5. We took another weekend trip to an old mining town, Bisbee, in July to refresh and refocus our goals for the rest of the year. It was a relaxing weekend of reading and connecting at a coffee shop.

6. We realized that we inadvertently created a family tradition in August after attending the season opener for the University of Arizona Wildcats for the third year in a row!

7. We attended three other football games this season and were able to be at the game the Wildcats destroyed Oklahoma State! Beardown!!!

8. We started our Missional community in September and we now have about 30 people walk through our doors every Thursday night! It’s always quite the event having people aged 0-55 at our house! Always a story to tell! We are so thankful to have this family to serve together with, learn about God with and live life with.

9. We were able to spend a week in Jason’s favorite Fall location, Madison, for training Jason had to complete for work. He was actually able to spend a total of about three weeks there to complete his 8th certification for Epic.

10. I spent a week back in Iowa visiting friends & family in October. It was so great to watch my brother catch for baseball and keep for soccer during his Senior year! (When did he get so old??!)

11. Jason’s involvement in Revolution’s leadership expanded in November when he joined the Elder team. We also are small group leaders for our student ministry called Rev Up. It’s been a busy Fall with all of the exciting things God is doing through our church in Tucson!

12. And finally, we are hoping and praying to expand the Wood family in 2013 (or beginning of 2014) through the gift of ADOPTION! Nora will love having little ones to play with! The past month God has been molding our hearts to change our plans of adoption to international! Be looking for an update in the next month of where and how God has brought us to this new adventure!

Our Delayed Honeymoon to the Cook Islands & New Zealand

Two weeks ago we went on our delayed honeymoon to the Cook Islands and New Zealand. It was definitely a trip of a lifetime! We were able to see and do many things that we had never done before and may not do again. Jason and I are working on the pictures so that you can enjoy some of the views we saw and laugh at some of the silly things we did! I am hoping to post some in the next week now that we are back into somewhat of a rhythm again.

Here are a few things that we did as a teaser:

  • Jason surprised me on the trip to the Cook Islands (Rarotonga)!
  • Snorkeled in the Pacific Ocean
  • Kayaked in the Pacific
  • Watched the sun rise over the ocean every morning from our beachside suite patio
  • Toured New Zealand’s largest city on foot
  • Had dinner with a college friend who moved there last month!
  • Visited a “stinky” town
  • Had multiple flight issues
  • Loved every part of Queenstown!
  • Zip-lined & Luged
  • Saw dolphins, seals, and rainbows!
  • And so much more!!

We were so thankful that we were able to go on this trip, but coming home was so good. We missed our sweet puppy, our home, and our friends. 


Excited to share those pictures with you soon!