How You Can Help

Here is a wonderful storefront of unique products that directly benefits adoptive families!  Put our family’s name in your note to the seller at checkout, we will receive 50% from the sale!  Check here for all your gift needs. Make sure to put Jason and Sarah Wood in the notes section or we don’t get any of the proceeds!

Did you know that Jason is a photographer? Here is his Society6 shop to purchase his prints! 100% of the proceeds will support our adoption expenses!

Do you love coffee? Check out JustLove Coffee Roasters’ wide variety of coffee from around the world! With every purchase from our JustLove storefront, our family receives money toward our adoption expenses! Spread the word and enjoy some JustLove coffee!

She Does Justice is an online shop/blog that is donating 25% of the proceeds to our adoption when you shop from this link! Make sure to click on this link and then check out all of her great products!

3 thoughts on “How You Can Help

  1. Sarah, I was just searching for a storage unit when I noticed the ads for your fundraiser. Is it still possible to contribute considerable furniture to your adoption fundraiser?

  2. Oh My Gosh….thanks so much for responding! I have an antique couch that was just redone, an art deco chaise in a leopard print , a painting by a local artist, a leather chair, bedding, etc. I’m going to try to have them priced, not ridiculously, but but for this type of sale, so folks have room to negotiate, and you hopefully will surpass your goal. I’ll also be willing to stay, organize and display anything you need assistance with. Now I need to make sure I get the movers here in time. I’m thinking beautiful thoughts about your new family & sending them your way for a tremendously exciting day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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