Our 30 Day Challenge is Over!!! or is it…

may flowers

Happy May Day!! I love May! It’s my birthday month, my sister’s birthday month, many of my friends birthday month, so there is always a lot of celebrating in May. This year it’s also the month my baby brother graduates from high school. I mentioned that in my blog yesterday and I still can’t believe it!

Another great thing about today being May 1st is that it’s the end of our Whole30 challenge {insert cheers and hurrahs}!

whole30 success

This month was HARD, but so good. I pretty much fell off the bandwagon this weekend and as Jason keeps telling me…it’s okay, I was still successful. The struggles I had with food this month exposed some lies that I’ve believed about myself for a very long time. I’m still processing through it all and I’m thankful that God used this month for more than just getting me physically healthy.


I did get physically healthy!! I’ve mentioned countless times before that this diet has balanced my energy levels and helped me sleep soundly and I’m SO grateful for that. I’ve never felt better since I’ve been consistent with eating Whole30!

whole30 yes and no

Here are my full results from this month:

  • 4.5 lbs. Lost (wasn’t expecting that)
  • I lost 3.5 inches around my waist (yay! I’m a full size smaller!)
  • I lost 7.5 inches total!
  • My skin has been clearer, brighter, and more moisturized than ever before.
  • My energy levels are balanced. (I know I keep mentioning that, but it’s just amazing to me!)
  • I’m more “regular”.
  • My menstrual cycle seems like it’s regulating as well. (Maybe some actual healing will take place in that area!)
  • It’s pretty certain that I have a FODMAPS allergy and we are still learning which veggies to avoid.
  • My husband looks awesome! 🙂

Jason was a ROCKSTAR this month! He lost 12 lbs and 7 inches!! And he only worked out 5 days this month because of an injury. We’ve learned that for him, if he wants to continue to lose weight, it will happen most successfully in the kitchen. We are getting back to the gym this month, so I am positive that we are going to have to throw out all of his clothes by June and purchase him an entire new wardrobe! Too bad his birthday was in February! 🙂

We’ve talked pretty seriously about making this diet more of our lifestyle and less of a month long challenge. I think we will have a cheat day built in each week because all food can and should be enjoyed. Jason and I desire to live our lives filled with energy and yummy food, so we are going to work on finding our personal balance.

Thanks for following us on this month long journey! I hope that you are encouraged by our attempt to eat healthy in the month of April!

Happy May Day from the Wood’s!

Picture taken in New Zealand...

Picture taken in New Zealand…

Friday Fitness Thoughts


I wasn’t able to sleep last night, so I stayed up pondering life (sounds deep!). I realized that my blog is an offshoot of my thoughts and passions and one of my favorite things is never discussed here..my passion for fitness!

I workout at our neighborhood YMCA now that I am no longer a personal trainer. I wondered if it would be hard to get into the gym 3-4 times a week once I stopped working at the gym, but it wasn’t. I LOVE to sweat and feel like I’m going to die from a workout. It’s strange…I know 🙂

I know that my love for fitness is unique. There aren’t many woman I know who would choose to do a killer crossfit workout just for the fun of it! The other night, my hubs and I stayed up late watching a video of two of the greatest crossfit women competing in the Crossfit Games Open 13.2 and something inside made me WANT to do that. Now, I don’t want to look like Annie Throisdotter, but I’d like to have a little bit of her strength.

I was using a great crossfit resource for women who are wanting to do crossfit, but not do the heavy lifting. I enjoyed it and I saw some results, but last Friday I did the Crossfit Games 13.1 and about DIED. I knew that if I did want to get serious about crossfit, I’d have to start lifting heavier and working harder. I did that this week…I still can’t walk right or extend my arms fully! But I enjoyed it!

Tomorrow I am planning on trying 13.2. I know that I’m not where I want to be right now, but I feel like I now have a goal that I can reach! I’ll be keeping myself accountable through posting my workouts on my blog. Maybe it will encourage you to get back into the gym too?!

The big thing for me lately has been my eating habits. I am a sugar addict and know that it hinders my health in so many ways. Next week Jason and I are planning on starting the Whole30 challenge to help detox our bodies and get us back on track with our Paleo/Primal eating. Check out Whole30 and join us for this challenge! I will be linking up with a few other ladies in the blogger world who are doing it and sharing our journey on Fridays!

What are some ways that you are improving your health? Have any goals I can help encourage you in?