For the Cloudy Days {Mercy Found}

1 Cor. 13-12

The skies are unusually cloudy here in the Arizona desert today. The dogs have been sleeping all day from a busy evening of playing. The house is quiet. And my heart is heavy for our girls.

The weather seems to be reflecting the heavy mood that is clouding my thinking. I’ve found that writing it out has been helpful for me to find a way out of the clouds and down to the truth of who God is and how that affects my day-to-day life.

It’s been 110 days since we first saw beautiful pictures of G & M and said yes to pursue them to be our daughters. I had been praying that July would be the month we hear something from the courts, but from an email I received last week, we are nowhere close to passing court. 110 days. I pray that it’s not 100 more, but if it is I know God will pour out his grace on us and on the girls to sustain us for the long haul…

To continue reading, I’m over here at Mercy Found and I’d love to connect with you…


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