How We Vacation

In about three hours my hubby and I will be driving out of the 116 degree temps of Tucson and hitting the road to tour Northern California! I’m so excited that I couldn’t stay asleep. So while, my husband is still sleeping, I’m going to share with you how we vacation.

My Idea of Vacation

My Idea of Vacation

My sweet husband and I vacation very differently! It’s one of those differences between us that we didn’t realize until exactly 17 months in when we were on our postponed honeymoon to the Cook Islands and New Zealand (it was awesome by the way). I am the type of vacationer that likes to sit by the ocean or on the back deck and read till my heart’s content or talk walks along the beach or hikes in the mountains. My husband loves to be doing something, seeing something because in his mind if we traveled there, don’t we want to see as much as we can?

Jason would tour this city all day!

Jason would tour this city all day!

I totally get that, but I am an introvert and an HSP (highly sensitive person…I should post about that sometime…), so having a lot of noise, people, and just stuff stimulation wears me out and makes me feel a bit crazy. My husband is a high extrovert and is amped up by all of that stimulation that makes me lose my marbles. How do we balance those two personalities and vacationing styles?

We are still learning. Last year when we went to the Cook Islands, we laid out by the beach and snorkeled in the ocean for the majority of our time (my perfect). In New Zealand we caught all the sites we could in two of the three cities and I slept through most of the other one because I was so exhausted. It was in Rotorua where we learned that we have differing vacation styles šŸ™‚

This year as we tour Northern California, we are balancing our time. I want Jason to be able to see the sights and feel energized by the new surroundings. And I know he wants me to be able to be in the quiet and be near God’s beautiful creation.

So we devised a plan. We sat down a few nights ago and made a list of all the things we would like to see in San Francisco, Monterrey, & Sonoma. We then narrowed that list down to a more reasonable number and left the rest of our time as coffee shop time, beach time, or walking in the natural beauty time.

We are extremely happy with our google spreadsheet itinerary (we are both the first child in our family…it shows) and we are both willing to tell the other if we want to do something more or less.

We are hopeful that this vacation will meet both of our needs, but mostly we are hopeful that as we separate from this busy season of life, we will come home refreshed, reconnected and ready to take on what ever life has in store for us!

Have you found that you and your significant other have differing vacation styles? How have you managed that?

Now we only have 2.5 hours before we hit the road, so I think I’ll head out for a run to expend some of this energy. šŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “How We Vacation

  1. I think my husband and I are pretty similar to the two of you! Though I feel guilty not seeing the sites. We settling on seeing a few sites that are up our alley, and we always leave time in our plans for the day for relaxing or exploring unexpected areas.

    • Sounds like us! Although Jason just said that if he was traveling in his own, he would roll into the city with no plan & ask the locals what to do all day. In his words, “That would kill Sarah.” šŸ™‚

  2. I’m more of the sitting, walking, resting, praying, reflecting type… “life” is stimulating and crazy enough- my “vacations” need to be opposite of that!

  3. Great post! (yes, I’m a bit slow …) Isn’t it so interesting to find out how different people, especially when it comes to differences between your husband and you, vacation? Shun-Luoi and I also talk about who we would potentially want to take a vacation with if we were going to go with other families and we often talk about the differences in our family’s style of vacationing vs. other families’ styles. It’s definitely smart to figure out some of those differences on the front end, whether you’re vacationing with your husband or other people! And HSP … I’ve never heard of such a thing, but yes – you should blog on it sometime. I wonder if I’m the same way b/c the way you describe it sounds ALL too familiar. šŸ˜‰

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