The Fullness of Your Schedule Doesn’t Define You

Seasons in life come and go. They can be short or they can be long. Usually you don’t recognize you’ve entered into a new season until weeks in and sometimes you know months in advance.


I foresaw my new season of change just under a year ago. I just didn’t know what it would look like. Last September, I left my job as a personal trainer so that I could stay home and focus my attention on caring for my husband and our home. I was aware of the new season, but I thought it would be short. I assumed I would be pregnant or welcoming home a child through adoption within the year of leaving my position. Little did I know that God would be teaching me a great lesson on waiting and patience (but that’s for a different post).

Busyness has been my nature for the majority of my life. If my hands or mind were moving at the speed of light to get somewhere, meet with someone, or write something, then I was truly making a difference in the world and “living my life”. The past six months have been full for me, but not busy and not entirely world-changing. I don’t have little feet to chase around. I don’t have workouts to write-up for my clients or nutritional advice to hand out. I’m not helping out with any community service projects. To the outsider looking in on my life, some would think that I’m not busy enough…in a world that takes pride in busyness.

I follow many blogs and lately there has been a trend of posts speaking on how to balance all of the spinning plates that women have in their lives. I’ve noticed twinges of guilt and questions of “am I doing enough?” when I read those words because right now my plates are few.


Today, I’m taking a stand against the culture of busyness. I’m believing the truth that my identity does not revolve around the fullness of my schedule, but the fullness of my heart in Christ. This season of my life may be unlike any other season I will ever walk again. I know that motherhood won’t be a part of my life for almost a year. I know that I’m not taking a new job to fill that time. So the question remains…how will I live in this season of quiet and low responsibilities?

Will I waste this season by looking too far in advance? Will I make my hands busy with useless things so that I can say I’m busy?

Or will I see the blessing of having a string of days with no solid plan and use those days to glorify God through loving and serving my husband and praying for my little girls half a world away? I’d like to say I will do the later, but it will only be by the grace of God changing my heart…daily….hourly….okay, every second!

What season of life are you in? Are you fully embracing it or are you wishing it away? Will you take a stand against being busy for the sake of being busy?


Join me?


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3 thoughts on “The Fullness of Your Schedule Doesn’t Define You

  1. That’s beautiful! This a great post. I think we all try to keep busy to the point that we don’t know how to be still any more. Thank you for sharing this!

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