Hi, My Name is Sarah and I’ve been Ice Cream Free for 24 days…

My absolute favorite ice cream (I may have eating a tub in one setting a few years ago...)

My absolute favorite ice cream (I may have eating a tub in one setting a few years ago…)

This week was HARRRD!! I confess that I even cheated a few times these past few days. I hate that I did and I’ve been feeling guilty over my weaknesses. Thankfully I have a husband who reminded me that there’s grace and I’m not getting graded on this challenge. He even encouraged me through telling me that this was the longest I have gone without cheating on a diet since he has known me.

He’s pretty great 🙂

It’s so easy to focus on the failures and not remember the wins that I have had over the past 24 days, check out my other updates here and here. And if you’re wondering what my failures were, you can ask. In the grand scheme of things, they weren’t bad, but I still am disappointed that I “gave in”.

There’s my confession for the day! Instead of focusing on how I failed with only one week left, I wanted to share the wins that I’ve noticed this week.

  • I’m still waking up very easily and feeling refreshed! I think that it has a lot to do with my sugar intake…or lack thereof.
  • Speaking of sugar…I haven’t indulged in a bowl of ice cream for 24 days!!! That is a miracle in and of itself!
  • I consistently enjoy three solid meals a day. I was notorious for having coffee for breakfast and skipping lunch. That has changed because I am so hungry and need to eat something good so that I don’t cheat (some of my cheats were because I did skip a meal)
  • I’m losing more weight…or maybe just losing the bloated feeling. We will see what the scale says next week.
  • My awesome hubby has definitely lost weight and hasn’t cheated at all! He is an example of determination for me in this process. He even turned down delicious nachos last night with a buddy!

Am I ready for this challenge to be over? MOST DEFINITELY!!! At the same time, I don’t think that a lot of my habits will change. I have enjoyed feeling pretty good most of the time (definitely have a FODMAPS issue though) and I LOVE waking up easily and feeling ready to take on the day.

I am declaring May 4th a big ol’ cheat day though! My birthday isn’t right unless I have ice cream and my mama’s recipe of “coffee pie” (hint, hint Jason :)).

I leave you with this question…do you focus too much on your failures rather than celebrating the wins in your life? How can you reverse that thought pattern?

5 thoughts on “Hi, My Name is Sarah and I’ve been Ice Cream Free for 24 days…

  1. Sarah,
    Yes. I focus more on the failures than the wins. I set the highest expectation for myself. i call it “perfection”. I fail constantly. I hate it.
    I try to reverse that pattern by replacing it with a different one. i try to accept my imperfection by reminding myself the only perfect life lived was Christ. And He took that perfect life and gave it on the cross becoming my sin and giving me His righteousness. Then i am encouraged when I remember that God sees me as perfect because of His son. I can’t believe that! but i am encouraged that glorious truth in light of that my short comings are so small.

    I LOVE your blog and am so glad you are writing. You are an encouragement to me!

  2. I definitely focus more on my failures than my wins. I sometimes don’t even notice my wins at all until someone points them out to me. I have been trying to exercise and eat right, but I get discouraged easily and I tend to think that I can’t do it. I think it has to do with my approval idol. If I don’t have the “go ahead” or the “good job!” from people, I tend to quit and do something else that will get their attention and approval.

    I also have a question: do you think that a diet would help me if I am constantly exhausted and lacking energy, physically? It seems to have had the effect of giving you energy. So I was just wondering.

    • It wouldn’t hurt to try to eliminate sugar from our diet for 21 days to see if that is the culprit. And take a look at how much processed foods you eat too, they dump sugar into those kinds of foods. There’s a 21 day sugar detox program & I can send you the information if you want. Your diet might be what’s making you tired, but I would encourage you to look at the whole of your life too-how much sleep are you getting, how much sun, are you stressed, etc. let me know if you have more questions!

      • Life has definitely not been easy for the past while. I’ll try eliminating sugars, though, along with sticking to a more regular exercise plan. Thank you (:

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