5 Reasons I’m Thankful for Social Media

social media

Social Media gets a bad rap these days and rightly so most of the time. It is definitely something that can distract people from the life that surrounds you. BUT today, I am so thankful for social media and the gift that it can be for people! Here are 5 reasons I am thankful for it today:

1. It allows Jason and I to stay connected to our friends and family who live all over the country and the world.

2. Our adoption story has spread to more people than I could have imagined through Facebook & Twitter. It has encouraged and challenged people I don’t even know of to pray for orphans and consider the blessing of adoption for their own family. You can read more about our adoption story here, here, and here.

3. I’ve been able to connect with like-minded ladies via the Influence Network. Which is an online community of women who want to make their online lives mean something for the kingdom of God. The Network has provided me a community of women who know much more about blogging and readership than I do to help me manage my blog more effectively. I’m so excited to continue to learn and allow this little space on the internet be an encouragement to people.

4. I’ve been able to find grants and other means of funding for our adoption through Twitter and blogs. I found the You Caring website that has our online fundraiser through connections on Twitter and that has brought in so much funding for our adoption that I was not anticipating! Click on the link to see how far along we are in our funding for our current need!

5. Similar to #3, I was able to make a connection with a young woman through the Influence Network who has a heart to help families fund their adoption! Today, over on my life (his mission)Kerry is highlighting a few families and encouraging people to check out their stories and help them reach their funding goal! We are one of those families! I have loved the connections we are making via blogging!

For those of you who came here via Kerry’s blog, welcome and thank you for checking out our life on social media!

Now I’m going to get off of social media and enjoy an evening with my husband and some friends! Take advantage of the blessing of social media, but don’t let it rule your days.

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