Influence Network Meetup-Get to Know Me

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I was blessed to come across the Influence Network about four months ago as I started thinking about taking my blog to another level. What a blessing it has been to find this community of ladies! Just last month I officially became a member and am so excited to learn and be encouraged by this group of bloggers.

What is the Influence Network?

The Influence Network exists to make your online life mean something, to ensure that when you leave your laptop or put down your phone, you’re more inspired and encouraged to do what God has called you to. We are unashamedly motived by the Gospel and it is the common thread that binds us together as a community. Because of the Good News, we are able and excited to share what He has done for us through our stories, our service, and our relationships with one another.

Today we are having a meetup to get to know other members of the network and encourage each other!

Here are some fun facts to get to know me a little bit more!


This is probably one of my favorite pictures, not because of me but because it was taken by the love of my life on the trip of a life time! The background is Queenstown, New Zealand! Take me back…NOW!

Three things about myself:

1. My husband and I are adopting two little kiddos from Africa! We are hoping that they will be home by the end of the year! What a crazy this journey has been and it’s just begun!

2. I was a personal trainer for almost six years before I left that job to stay at home this past year. I LOVE to stay active. Living in Tucson is awesome because we can go hiking, biking, get up to the mountains, and just enjoy the outdoors about 9-10 months out of the year. But the other 2-3 months-you won’t see this pale face outside…ever.

3. I am passionate about the things of God. To do justice, to love mercy and to walk humbly with God has become my heartbeat.

Some of the things that didn’t make the top three:

-I love coffee, a good book, with some soft music all wrapped up together.

-I am a sports fanatic. Growing up in a very athletic family re-oriented my brain to have my seasons be characterized by baseball, football, and basketball. There are days that I mourn that we don’t have cable just for ESPN, but I survive 🙂

-I’m an Iowa farm girl who got called out of the rural country and was set in a desert city of a million people. I’m still getting over my culture shock!

-My husband and I eat Paleo and love it…most of the time except for the days I want a bagel from Paradise

One of the things that I love about being apart of the Influence Network is the online forum. It’s a place to meet other women who are wanting to use their blog to encourage women and take a stand for the Lord online. I’ve learned so much just by scrolling the forum discussions about how to blog and how to use different aspects of wordpress. I’m still learning, but I know that I’m in a good place to learn and grow!

9 thoughts on “Influence Network Meetup-Get to Know Me

  1. I’ve been part of the network for about a month, but when I get on the forum I seem to get lost. 🙂 Maybe there are some secrets to navigating it I should know. I see we follow many of the same bloggers, and your heart mirrors much of my own. It’s very nice to meet you. 🙂

  2. i’ve only been an IN member for a week, but i am happy to hear you love it. i am excited about what’s to come! i am a coffee-lover too. coffee + good books + music is the best way to spend a rainy afternoon.

  3. OH Sarah, I completely agree: Coffee + Music + a good book is quite possibly the most delightful way to spend a few quiet moments. I’d to that snuggling up in a quilt, and that’s very near perfection to me.

    Great to meet you!

  4. I had culture shock for the first time (and this was AFTER I had traveled to seven different countries in the five years before this) when I moved from my densely suburban home to a university campus surrounded by cornfields. I’m still trying to figure out how I survived! ;]

    That’s fabulous to hear you’re adopting! Praying your kiddos are home SOON!

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