We are Moving Forward…Slowly but Surely!


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something directly related to our adoption process. I’ve blogged about my emotions and my prayers during the past few weeks, so I thought I’d write a direct blog post on our process. The month of February was a big blur! It was filled with meetings, a trip to Wisconsin for a death in the family, dinners, a trip to the mountains, more meetings and a lot of paperwork! March is looking to be a little more calm, but I say that with hesitancy because we had no idea February would take the shape that it did!

During the month of February we met every Monday with our home study worker to complete our visits so she could write it up and send it to the Arizona courts. It looks like today she will be finishing her draft! We will then have our adopting agency take a look at it to make sure it would clear all of their standards and then we are sending it to the courts! The court process takes roughly 3-4 weeks, so during that time we wait.

One of the things I’m most looking forward to with being court certified is that we will finally be able to apply for grants! There are many out there and I’m already filling them out in preparation of our certified home study! I’m also looking forward to being done because it’s just looming over my head! I have to fight the doubt that maybe the courts won’t grant us the right to adopt…maybe they won’t see us as fit parents. I know that God is holding all of this in His hands and I do not have to worry, so I daily battle this lie with the truth of God that He is for my good and His glory!

During our waiting time of 3-4 weeks we will be working on fundraising! We are having a rummage sale the first weekend of April in hopes that it will bring in a significant amount of money to cover our second payment.

If you’re interested in some easy ways to help get us over this next hurdle here are some options:

If you look up at the headers, there is a page that says “How You Can Help”. Check out the people & stores who are willing to help us out and make a purchase! Or you can click the pay pal button over on the side and make a donation that way too. Thanks for following our story! We are so thankful for all of you!

So here’s to raising my white flag and trusting that God is in control of every detail! Have a GREAT Monday!


One thought on “We are Moving Forward…Slowly but Surely!

  1. I so remember the homestudy with the social worker. At the time I was teaching at North H.S. in DM and teaching students with 1,2 or 3 babies and unwed and no one asked them about their relationship with their siblings, parents………….I felt at times it was so unfair.

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