You Keep Loving Me

Ever feel like this?


That has been how I’ve felt all week. This morning when I woke up and finally felt less like a zombie and more like a human being, I thought back on the past few weeks and recalled my goals for this year. I wondered what happened to all of those good intentions of being “intentional” and “present”. They had definitely NOT defined the past two (maybe three) weeks. I fell back into my old patterns of staying too busy, worrying about things that needed to get done that were completely not in my control , I did not love my husband well and I didn’t put my  relationship with God ahead of the urgent.

All in all, I felt like a failure. This song came on while I was spending some time talking with God about all these things. So, I’ll leave you with it today. He loves me through the days I feel like a failure and reminds me that He is enough for all of the days. How do you “push through” on your rough days/weeks?

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