An Easy Way to get Involved!


In a previous post, I mentioned a website that highlights our story of adoption and donates half of the proceeds to our adoption (if you put our names in the notes section). This week Once Was Lost is having a grant fundraising contest!

The fundraiser is two-fold. The GRANT will start at $100 dollars and for each new Facebook “like” and twitter follow (@oncewaslost) a dollar will be added to the grant up to $200. Right now they are closing in on $140!! This contest started on Friday and will end Thursday evening.

The second way this fundraiser works is how the winner is chosen. The grant money goes to the affiliate who has raised the most money on their store. For example, if you purchase their infinity scarf-you would put our name in the notes section and that  $20 would be marked for us.

Right now we are tied for first place!! Which means you guys are helping us in HUGE ways!! Thank you!

If you haven’t “liked” Once Was Lost on Facebook-do that here and then go check out their store here.

Tonight we have our first of four visits to complete our home study! We are praying that by the end of February we will have the necessary amount of money to give to our agency so that we can begin working on our dossier!

Thank you again for all of your prayers and encouragement! They are definitely felt!

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