CrAzY week at the Wood House!

I feel like this week has just flown by and I’m barely catching my breath! I don’t even know where to start with all of the things that happened over this week!


Here are a few highlights from the week:

  • Renovated our bathroom last weekend (still working on the finishing touches, but love it!)
  • Submitted our first payment to our agency!
  • Submitted our paperwork for our home study!
  • Scheduled all of our home study visits in February (with hopes to be certified to adopt by mid-March)
  • Paid for our home study!!
  • Took Nora to the vet for her annual check up, which is always an adventure!
  • Attended a friend’s vocal performance for her doctorate (fantastic!)
  • Finally had long time friends over to OUR home for dinner (rather than theirs)
  • Baby-sat some adorable children
  • Spent time with some girlfriends
  • Went on a beautiful morning hike
  • Had an amazing night of fellowship with our MC family
  • Checked off ALL 5 steps of our first stage in bringing home our little ones! Tuesday I should have all of it mailed off!
  • Spent Friday getting passport photos, blood tests, chest x-rays, and a physical-all thanks to one of my old clients from work who is a doctor and fit us in!



That last highlight could have easily been one of the most stressful points of the week for me as I was making phone calls to different doctor’s offices looking for SOMEONE to get us in for a simple physical. No one was taking new clients at this time and wouldn’t have been able to get us in till March or April at the earliest! Thankfully Jason reminded me that I had friends in high places and so I pulled in a favor. Sure enough my old client got us in this morning without a problem.


We got news yesterday that our wait time for our kids to come home may lengthen a little bit. Initially it was sad, but the reason they are slowing down the process is because of how many people are adopting from the country which is such a great thing! As we were going to all of our random appointments today, it was a reminder for me that we are making time and making sacrifices for our children to be in our laps. Today I’m so thankful that we are making small steps to bringing home our little ones, whenever that may be!


This weekend, Jason and I are helping out at our student ministry’s retreat weekend. We are tired from an emotional week, but we know that God has been moving in the hearts of our students and are excited to be a part of what the students will be learning! Pray for energy for the small group leaders and soft hearts for our students!

And my new favorite chocolate dessert (just for fun):


I hope you all have a wonderful, restful weekend! Enjoy the Super Bowl (Super Baugh?!)


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