Once Was Lost

Once Was Lost

I’ve been on a kick of trying to find creative ways to raise funds for our adoption now that we know what the numbers will be (BIG!). On Thursday, I was clicking around different blogs that I loosely follow and I found Once Was Lost. This is a gem of an online store/organization that raises awareness & finances for adoptive families and hungry children.

They sell cute shirts (for men & women), pillows, jewelry, bags, and scarves. FIFTY percent of all purchases go to support your requested affiliate and for every $25 spent a hungry child will be fed!

I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to see if they would be willing to add us to their affiliates and within hours our story was up on their website! Seeing our story and picture on their website was a reality check! Not only were Jason and I telling people via my blog and word of mouth, but now our story is up on a stranger’s website and people all over the nation and world are reading it! This just got real!

Each Monday for the next few weeks, I’m going to highlight an easy way for you to help us raise funds for our adoption and bring our children home! Today, if you have a few minutes, click over to the Once Was Lost store and see if there’s anything you could buy for a friend, sister, daughter, wife, or yourself. You can check out our story over there too. They have our most recent update! Exciting news (expect an update on here tomorrow)!


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