Our Family has Grown!

But not how you think….hehe

This past weekend we began the journey of adding a second dog to our family! Sadly, she will only be a temporary Wood. A friend that I knew from Cedar Falls was in need of a family to house their dog for a year as their “human” family embarked on a wild adventure to Thailand (here is their story). Jason and I gladly volunteered to watch Asha, a two-year old boxer, for however long they would need. We thought this would be good news for our Nora. Our pup has been bored with me since I’ve been staying home because she has learned that I am not her 24/7 playmate. She needed a friend and needed to have someone to play with her all the time!


Our new arrival came to our house Sunday afternoon and it started out a bit shaky. Nora was not sure what to think of this dog that invaded her space and took the attention away from her. The first two days Asha was here, Nora had a look of terror and abandonment on her face! And poor Asha was so confused about where she was and who these people were in this strange house. Asha, we learned quickly, would be the “boss” of Nora and Nora did not first know how to handle that “demotion”. We knew that it would only take time before things got better, although I will admit on Monday I doubted it!

Then Tuesday came along and surprisingly Nora did not cower every time Asha walked by…there was a win! And by Wednesday morning the two girls spent two hours in the backyard chasing each other and wrestling. To my delight, they came inside and slept the rest of the afternoon! Now there was a WIN!

playful dogs

In just a few short days Asha has stolen our hearts and Nora has found her new best friend. We are loving having two dogs! Thanks Shun-Luoi & Dawn for allowing us to love on your pup while you are away!

sleepy dogs

One thought on “Our Family has Grown!

  1. Oh, dear. Look at how our bossy dog has come in AND taken the outdoor blanket for her nap, leaving Nora to nap on the ground!! Silly pooch … 😉

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