At the Table

A few weeks ago Jason and I purchased a beautiful dinning room table. It extends far enough that twelve people can sit comfortably, much improved compared to our old college-style, four-seater table. We bought some fun chairs that warm up the home and give us a little more “grown up” feel too. I didn’t realize how this one investment would remind me so much of God’s faithfulness and purpose He has for Jason and me.

As we were picking out the table at Ikea, I would sit at a table and picture our future family and close friends enjoying a meal. It hit me that the table we were about to purchase wasn’t just some place to set our food on so we could eat, but it would be home to tears, laughter, pain, and celebrations.

I remembered my family’s old 27 year-old dining room table. It has nicks all over it and the chairs are loose enough at times that you’re not sure if it will split apart, but when ever I sit down at that table I know I am home. I know that I can share my heart with those sitting around that table because we have lived through the thick and thin of life’s journey. That table isn’t just a piece of furniture in my parents’ home, it’s a memorial of all that we have walked through.

When we took our table home and I watched Jason put it together, I witnessed the start of something new in our little family. As we settled the table in next to the window that lets in too much afternoon light, I knew that we were going to have our own memorial. It will be a place where much laughter will occur, but there will also be tears of disappointment and pain. It will be home to where we will not only feed our family yummy meals, but feed our future children the words of Christ and by God’s grace a place where our children will grow to know Jesus.

Tears fell as I wiped the dust from the table thinking how this will be where we will have opportunities to love and serve our friends and neighbors. I recalled the countless times in the New Testament where Jesus reclined at the table with his disciples and with those who were seeking Him (Mark 2:15, Mark 14:3, Mark 14:18, Mark 16:14, etc). It was over those meals where people’s hearts were changed and where lives were transformed.

My hope is that in 30 years we will look at our table the same way that I look at my parents’: a memorial of all that took place over the years and of all the ways God had used us for His purposes. My prayer is that in 30 years, when our children come home to visit they will sit down and feel at home…at the table.