Wood House Renovation: Phase One

I said I would post our after pictures today, so here you go! It’s been so fun trying to make this house our home! As you will see, we still need a few things to finalize phase one, which will hopefully happen this weekend! I will let you guess what they might be šŸ™‚

We are still deciding what we will do in Phase Two of our project, so I will keep you updated! Our greatest prayer for our house is not that it would look nice, but that when people enter our doors they feel loved, welcome, and can find rest here. We want our house to be a center for ministry to those who don’t yet know Jesus and to those who are walking with us on this journey of knowing, loving and sharing Jesus. My desire is for Jason and I to live simply and love greatly in this house. It’s so easy to get caught up in the projects around the house and the every day chores that an old house needs and forget about what’s most important. It’s easy to forget that this is a gift from God to steward well for His purposes, so my prayer is that I don’t forget and when I do to run quickly back to the Cross to remember.

So here are the pictures!! Enjoy! If you hover your mouse over the pictures, you can read the caption. I am still trying to figure out how to use this blog the way I want to!

We Bought a House!

The journey to buying a house all began at a Christmas party on December 5th, 2011. Jason and I had been invited to the party by one of my clients, we felt comfortable going because we knew that there would be at least three people that we knew there (I easily get uncomfortable when I’m around people I don’t know…not Jason). We were sitting with another client of mine and her husband and son. As we got to talking, we learned that Alan (my client’s husband) was a general contractor and he had done work on the house that we were at. Alan showed us his handy work and we became fast friends with him. We told him how much we would love to have a house but it just wasn’t in the cards for us right now because we couldn’t afford the type of house we would like. As any good small business owner would do, he gave us a pitch about how he could help! He suggested we look at houses that are in need of renovation and are in foreclosure because the price of those in Tucson are ridiculously cheap. He then said that we could pay him to renovate and update the house (there was the pitch!). We talked about that for a little longer, but I wasn’t sold on that idea at all. I wanted a move-in ready house. Jason, on the other hand, was intrigued. We went home and Jason started looking online at some houses for sale under $80k. We talked about it some more and decided that it wouldn’t hurt to start looking at houses. We got back in contact with Alan and the next weekend went over to his house to talk about what type of house we should look for and how much money we should expect to put into a renovation. After our time with Alan and his wife, Stacy (my client), we were excited to look at houses and had one in mind to buy already! The next day, I got in contact with a realtor and so began the process of buying our first home!

The house that we had wanted initially was sold within days of listing because of how cheap the house was ($45k) and we didn’t get a chance to make an offer, but we were okay with that. It was Christmas time, so we decided to hold off on looking until we returned from the Midwest. The day after we returned, we had a scheduled appointment with our awesome realtor, Judi. We looked at a house that was a little higher than what we first thought we would go with, but it was not in as much need of renovation. When I initially walked through, I wasn’t sold on it. Jason had a great vision for it though, so I decided to trust him and we made an offer on the house that night. The more that we looked at that house and the more houses we walked through (even though we had an offer in, we weren’t sure if they would accept it),Ā the more I felt like the house we made the offer on was a great opportunity.

A few days after we made our offer, we heard that they countered our offer. We accepted their offer and in theory the house was ours! We had a lot of other paperwork and lots of inspections before it was officially approved which took about 6 weeks to complete (FHA loans take forever and throwing a foreclosure on that made it even more of a headache!). On February 27th, 2012, we became homeowners! It was a surreal feeling!

We had decided that we would spend the month of March working on the house. We called the process of working on this house the Wood Renovation Project! We finished Phase One of this project in time thanks to our great friends, my sister Jessica and Alan & his crew! We couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without them!

Wood Renovation Project: Phase One included

  • New flooring and trim in most of the house
  • Moving the Master Bedroom door off of the entry way and at the end of the living room
  • Expanding the closet in the MB
  • Capping off doggie door and filling in wall
  • Hook up dryer vent and electrical for it inside the house (the dryer was outside…Arizona)
  • Put electrical in storage shed and hang light
  • New light fixtures for kitchen, dining room, entry way
  • Move fan to MB
  • Demo a whole bunch of stuff in the living/dining room area (that was first)
  • Fixing the wiring for the Fridge
  • Paint every square inch of the interior of the house

We have a lot of other dreams and plans for this house, but we are so thrilled to be living here! God has blessed us with an amazing home and we have so much to be thankful for!

Here are the pictures of before!! You will have to wait a day or two for the after pictures!!

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