A New Year

As this new year began three weeks ago, Jason and I were able to spend some time processing what 2011 brought us and what our hopes and dreams are for the year of 2012. 2011 was one of the hardest years of my life, hands down. Yet it was also one of the most transforming seasons I have walked through. The year all began with a new name, Sarah Wood. Then two days later I picked up my wonderful life in Iowa that I honestly didn’t want to leave and move to what I thought was the worst place in the world at the time, Tucson. The first 5-6 months were months of many tears, but also sweet times of comfort and gentle discipline from Jesus. He began to show me that my identity was not found in Him, but in the relationships that I had back in Iowa. I sought social time, bible study with gals, and the comfort of being around familiar places/people more than I sought Jesus. Slowly, God brought me out of my depression and bondage of sin and opened my eyes to the beauty of Tucson and the amazing things He is doing here. God began the transforming work of finding my identity in my relationship with Jesus rather than in my earthly ones. I still love and deeply miss my friends and family, but God has transformed that longing to a deeper thankfulness for what He gave me in Cedar Falls/Albia and for what He is doing and forming for Jason and I here in Arizona.

The biggest crossroad for Jason and I in this season where we went from “we can do this for just 3 years and then we can move back” to “I think we should buy a house and stay in Tucson” was when we found Revolution Church. I had been doing some research on churches near the end of summer and came across Revolution. Jason and I decided to check it out in October after all of our Midwest travels and God did something big in our heart within a matter of weeks. The vision of Revolution is to see Tucson transformed for the glory of God and make disciples throughout all of the city through missional community groups and church plants. Our hearts resonated with their vision and their mission and we jumped in full throttle. God blessed us with great friends right away there, so we felt connected and loved as we searched for our place within Revolution. Now after only four months of attending here, we have decided that we want to make Tucson our home. We want to see the gospel go forth in our neighborhoods and in our workplaces. We pray and long for opportunities to love and serve those God has placed in our lives. Every day, Jason and I look at where God has brought us and laugh because we know it’s only by His GRACE that we can say that we are buying a house in Tucson! Yep, we are scheduled to close on a small, humble house that needs a lot of lovin’ on the 14th of February!

We are thrilled to see what God has in store for this coming year!