Flying + Flu = The Life of the Wood’s

I just wanted to let all of my three subscribed bloggers that I am still alive and kicking (kinda)! The past three weeks have been filled to the max with preparing to go on a week long vacation to Madison for Jason’s work (I got the vacation, not Jason), a wedding, another wedding, and my job that still feels very new. We arrived home safely Sunday evening, but we both came home feeling miserable. I caught a head cold last week while enjoying the BEAUTIFUL Autumn weather of Madison and then promptly passed it on to my husband three days later.

At least he was able to fully enjoy his best friend’s wedding.

I fully enjoyed it too, but had to have a 2 glasses of wine to completely forget about how miserable I felt.

I’m sure that some of the reason to why we both ended up sick was because we threw caution to the wind and didn’t eat according to our diet (see below post). It was all worth it though!

Our time in Madison was wonderful! J got to see so many of his former work friends throughout the week and I got to spend some much needed alone time walking the downtown streets of Madison and people-watching at various coffee shops on State Street. We were able to have dinner on Wednesday night with Jennie and Dave (two of J’s favorite people) before their beautiful wedding. I love this couple! They are funny, smart, and so genuine. I’m pretty honored that I can call them my friends now! We also were able to spend some quality time with another one of J’s favorite people, Nate. He was a blast to be around. He gave me a tour of Epic (the company they work for/with) and opened his house to us over the weekend. He also introduced us to a very cool diner next to Camp Randall.

We also were blessed to have J’s parents come for a quick visit on Friday. We had lunch with them at Panera then toured the state capital with them. Thanks so much Robin and Dale for making the 6+ hour round trip to see us for maybe 3 hours! We love you!

The weekend of the wedding was wonderful! The weather held out and didn’t really rain (kind of spat a little). I was introduced to a whole new group of J’s old friends from Chicago. This group is hilarious! I definitely felt included and loved by the end of the weekend. I tend to be a little skittish around new people and so I act all awkward and quiet, but they were able to draw me out. That meant the world to me. So thanks guys (you will probably never read this…)!

We were happy to come home, but also very sad to leave our beloved Midwest (especially me). Nora was waiting with a wagging tail and an overpowering jump for us at the Bess’ so that made our day! She is getting huge! I will have to dedicate a post to her soon.

We’re adjusting back into a schedule again BUT WAIT! I am flying back to Milwaukee in 2 days! My close friend from college is getting married on Saturday and I could NOT miss this wedding. I will get to see so many of my college buddies and my sister! This will be so good, but so quick! I’ve definitely been missing my beloved friends (another post on that later). Friendships are the best, especially the ones I have with these ladies because we have been through so much together and have stayed friends through many many seasons.

Well, that was life in a nutshell the last few weeks! Here are a few pictures to fill in the gaps!


One thought on “Flying + Flu = The Life of the Wood’s

  1. I have NO idea why I haven’t been reading your blog! I love it and I love the way you write šŸ™‚ Good one girl!

    You are going on my blog list.

    Oh, I get to see you in a few days!!!!! YELKJDF OSIDGUFY HSGflauw;ofiuya;l sjh;laisudfL:KJD: LFKSDUF)DFL:KSJDF{SPDFIKLKJ!!! that is how i feel… its good

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